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mothers milk DHA Fish Oil DHA Supplement is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.  At mothers milk DHA, we strongly believe in the positive aspects of breastfeeding.  As parents, we have followed the steadily increasing scientific support for this nutritional and nurturing choice. As Omega experts within the nutritional field, we witnessed the Omega revolution take place as scientific studies delved deeper and deeper into the positive aspects of the ingredient and how and why it supports the human body. Over the last few years, mothers milk DHA has witnessed the scientific linking of the nutritional benefits of breast feeding with the new and developing science of Omegas.

History and science shows that the human body, through hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and advancement, has developed the most efficient and beneficial methods to absorb and utilize nutrients. This is even more pronounced in the case of pregnant and breast feeding mothers passing on nutrients to their children. Scientists have found and clearly determined that fish and algae based Omega DHA products are fundamentally and molecularly different than those found in human breast milk. It was found that these fish and algae based DHA molecules are less readily absorbed and as a result are less nutritious and have less positive impact on the body as compared to the DHA that a mother passes to her child.

As a display of the brilliance of nature, it has been clinically shown that a breast feeding mother absorbs fish and algae based DHA and then molecularly rearranges it so that her infant can reap the benefits.    As a result the DHA molecule found in breast milk is in the form that the baby needs and utilizes.

In 1999 a company was formed in Spain whose sole focus was to naturally create the Omega DHA found in breast milk. Over an eight-year time span, this company started with a high quality high concentrated fish oil and recreated the process a mother naturally produces.  This DHA was clinically tested and proven to be a high quality pharmaceutical DHA comparable to that found in breast milk. It is the only company in the world that can naturally produce a DHA as found in breast milk. At mothers milk DHA, it is our goal to provide our mothers and their babies a DHA product of the highest quality that can powerfully benefit both mother and child.